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Terril Heilman

Terril Heilman

Elizabeth, CO


I am a retired conservationist, having worked for the Soil Conservation Service for thirty years in four states: SD, UT, MT and NE. I have been interested in nature and conservation of natural resources since childhood. No matter where I have lived, flowing water has always drawn me like a magnet - it's beauty, it's life giving power, it's healing power, as well as it's spiritual power. Please visit my personal website at www.terrilheilman.com for a more complete biography, as well as access to signed prints at reasonable prices.

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Art Prints


Heading Home


Riding The Badlands


Finally Home


Toward The Heavens


Moonlight Crossing


Essence Of Joy


Blue Eyes Blue


Dad's Little Partner


Reaching Out


Bringing Home A Lake View


A View From Home


A Lake View


Underwater Tree Of Life


Textures Of A Streambed 16


Sparkling Waters


Sunset In Mauve


Panoramic Sunset Over The Sangre De Cristo's


Via Con Dios


Sunset Over The Sangre De Cristo's


Stones Of A Different Color


Over The Rocks Softly


Textures Of A Streambed 12


Dancing In The stream


Big Surf


Ripple Rendezvous